BakinLove on TV3, Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) – 21 February 2024

We at BakinLove are ecstatic to share the wonderful experience of being featured on TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini, in collaboration with Happy Hive and Omnia Academy, at Media Prima’s live MHI on 20/2/2024. It was an absolute delight to showcase our baking premixes and host a live baking session for the kids. Here’s a glimpse into our fun-filled day on television.

The anticipation started early as we prepared for our segment on the esteemed morning show, Malaysia Hari Ini. Being featured on TV3 provided an incredible opportunity to introduce our baking premixes to a wider audience and spread the joy of baking.

Collaborating with Happy Hive and Omnia Academy added an extra layer of excitement to our appearance. Together, we brought our passion for baking and education to the forefront, creating a dynamic and engaging segment for viewers.

One of the highlights of our segment was the live baking session for the kids. Watching their faces light up with excitement as they got hands-on with our baking premixes was truly heartwarming. Our mission at BakinLove is to make baking accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and this live demonstration allowed us to do just that.

Omnia Academy’s presence added depth to our segment, emphasizing the importance of education and skill-building. We believe that baking is not only a creative outlet but also a valuable skill that can empower individuals of all ages.

Happy Hive’s participation brought an extra dose of fun and creativity to the mix. Together, we fostered a positive and inclusive environment where kids could explore their creativity through baking.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini, Media Prima, Happy Hive, and Omnia Academy for this incredible opportunity. And, of course, a big thank you to all our supporters and viewers who tuned in to watch us on live TV.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and delicious recipes from BakinLove. Happy baking!

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