BakinLove on SUKE TV – 13 October 2023

HAWA Musim ke-2: A Sweet Success with Managing Director Dalia Alkatiri

In the heart of baking innovation, where convenience meets creativity, BakinLove shines as a beacon of inspiration. Led by the visionary leadership of Managing Director Dalia Alkatiri, BakinLove took center stage on SUKE TV’s HAWA Musim ke-2, airing on October 13, 2023.

Behind every great idea lies a struggle, and for Dalia Alkatiri, the birth of BakinLove was a response to the challenges she faced as a busy businesswoman with a desire to create homemade treats for her family. Balancing her professional commitments with her personal aspirations proved to be a daunting task, especially when traditional baking required an array of ingredients and hours of time. Dalia recognized that the feeling of creating something from scratch was incomparable to buying from outside, thus igniting the idea for BakinLove premixes—a solution that would offer the convenience of store-bought goods with the satisfaction of homemade baking.

On the set of SUKE TV’s HAWA Musim ke-2, Dalia Alkatiri showcased BakinLove’s innovative premixes with flair and finesse. Going live, she demonstrated the simplicity and versatility of BakinLove’s Vanilla Cupcake Mix. With just a simple bowl and a few additional ingredients, she revealed how BakinLove’s premix could transform everyday bakers into culinary maestros. From light and fluffy cupcakes to decadent cakes, each creation was a testament to BakinLove’s unwavering commitment to quality and convenience.

But BakinLove is more than just a purveyor of premixes—it’s a catalyst for entrepreneurial success. In her appearance on SUKE TV, Dalia Alkatiri also shed light on BakinLove’s Entrepreneurship Development Program. Designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, this program provides comprehensive training, resources, and support to individuals looking to turn their passion for baking into profitable businesses from home.

As the cameras rolled and the aroma of freshly baked treats filled the studio, one thing became abundantly clear—BakinLove is more than just a brand; it’s a labor of love. Each cupcake, each cake, was infused with the care and dedication of its maker, spreading joy and sweetness to all who encountered it. Through BakinLove, Dalia Alkatiri is on a mission to inspire and empower home bakers around the world, one delicious creation at a time.

After the live demonstration, as the segment concluded, Dalia took a moment to address the audience’s curiosity about where they could acquire BakinLove’s premixes. With a warm smile, she shared that BakinLove’s products were available for purchase at various locations, including cafes and the renowned SOGO KL. Furthermore, she excitedly announced BakinLove’s plans for expansion, particularly in the northern region of Malaysia. Dalia expressed the company’s eagerness to broaden its reach, seeking distribution opportunities to make BakinLove accessible to home bakers across the entirety of Malaysia.

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